Partner with UNIC foundation by becoming a center coordinator
The world bank statistics indicates that the world extreme poverty is majorly due to three factors:

  • Bad governance
  • Poor health care system
  • Lack of affordable and quality education

Part of the Millennium Development Goals is to provide affordable and accessible quality education to over 500 millions impoverished communities in the world, we call on you and your organization to join in creating and partnering with UNIC foundation.

The UNIC foundation- world bank educational model is an education model developed by JPTS international, this system will afford local indigenes have access to fairly comfortable learning mode with a blended teaching methodology (both online & offline).
A model which is currently running in Ghana, Nigeria, Benin republic, Egypt, Brazil, japan and other part of the world.

You are invited to apply as a partner in developing this center in your locality. Once you application is received you shall be selected when you meet the under listed criteria

  • Candidate must possess a minimum of associate degree
  • Candidate must have ccess to a classroom for weekend or weekdays use.
  • Candidate must show record of past empowerment and humanitarian engagement.
  • Candidate shall forward cv of potential lecturers with minimum qualification of masters degree, these lecturer shall be forwarded to us for employment as contract lecturers
  • Candidate will forward a list of a minimum of 100 applicants for the scholarship scheme, that is, prospective students.
  • Note that once the five criteria is met, candidate shall be given a contract of engagement which will spell out all reward to include financial & allowances.